natalia mattingly


I was fortunate enough to obtain a position in the architectural industry at a very young age, and I moved up quickly.  I found myself putting off college, so that I could advance and learn more in the 'real' world.  I was happy with my accomplishments, but with the intent of becoming a more improved and well rounded designer, I went back to school at ASU while running my own residential design business, and later received a Bachelor of Science in Design in Architectural Studies degree.  I have over 12 years of experience in the field; consisting of a luxury custom home builder, several architectural firms, and also for myself - which broadened my knowledge of the business end of the architectural environment, something I have found to be invaluable.

I strive for excellence in both work ethic and design.  The approach one takes towards a project, I feel, is of the utmost importance.  Working diligently with the client, as well as remaining connected to the beauty and potential that each site offers, as well as the initial purpose of the project, I believe creates a more significant and rewarding project (for the architect, client, and for anyone else who experiences it). 

I have always pushed myself to work thoroughly and efficiently on each and every project, whether it is in research, in the CD phase, or with contractors during the building process.  I love working out the minute details of a project, but am able to stay focused on the 'big picture'.  I truly believe that if you don't do the best that you can, and put your entire self into a project, it is pointless to even begin.



I am currently looking for a full-time position in the North Bay area.



Thank you so much for your interest, please see my resume for more information, and feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. 


c: 480.652.6453